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Residential Garbage
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We have heard from our residents on numerous occasions about the below reminders. As Summer is getting underway we encourage all residents to be considerate of all the homeowners in our Association.

Garbage Cans:

All garbage cans need to be hidden from view or stored in the garage. Leaving garbage cans on the side of the house or in front of the home for days at a time is a violation of our community bylaws. Please be courteous to your fellow neighbors by putting garbage cans away when it is not garbage pick-up day. Residents who are in violation of this bylaw will receive notice. Repeat offenders will be fined.



There has been an increased volume of dog waste found in the common areas owned by the HOA and on the front and side lawns of residents who do not even own dogs. The Woods of Forest Ridge requires all owners to clean up after their pets. This includes your own lot.  This is included in our bylaws.

Violations will be sent to repeat offenders.

Mowing and Clippings:

The Woods of Forest Ridge requires all grass and weeds to be trimmed lower than 6".  Residents that allow their lawn and weeds to grow above a 6" length will receive a violation warning for the first offense and then a fine for any after.

Grass Clippings from mulch mowing need to be blown back onto the lawn. Please be courteous to fellow residents. Leaving grass clippings can clog storm drains and are bad for our lakes and streams. Clogged storm drains that need to be cleaned out is our community’s responsibility.  We are trying to avoid this cost and keep our streets looking clean and picked up.

Play Ground:

Please respect the caution tape around the newly installed play ground equipment. We have received notice that it is still an active construction site and that all community members, guests and children should not remove the tape or climb on the structure until it has been removed by the proper authorities. Also please do not climb on or around the pool construction area so that the integrity of the ground is not affected and pool construction can continue on schedule.

Summer 2019
Beach Ball in Pool

Extraordinarily rainy weather has created a necessary delay in the Community Pool Construction. Currently we do not have an expected or even an approximate opening day. As soon as the permits have been signed off on and all safety requirements have been met we will let the Community know.

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